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Saturday, November 26, 2011

HOT NEWS ~ Tsunami in the SPDP

ONE DOWN, FOUR LEFT: Mawan (seated centre) announcing the sacking of Entri at a news conference at the SPDP headquarters. — Photo by Jeferry Mostapha

KUCHING: As expected Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) vice-president Datuk Sylvester Entri, one of the SPDP 5 who is at odds with party leadership, was sacked from the party yesterday. The other members of the SPDP 5 are senior vice-president Datuk Peter Nansian, vice-presidents Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe, Rosey Yunus and Entrie, and information chief Paulus Palu Gumbang. Entri’s sacking was announced by SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan after chairing the supreme council meeting at the party’s headquarters in Jalan Badaruddin here yesterday. “Today (yesterday) is the saddest day of my political career, after due process and consultation with the supreme council, with deep regret, I announce that Datuk Sylvester Entri is no longer a member of SPDP, with immediate effect, but the seat (Marudi) remains with the party,” he said, reading from a prepared statement.

He added: “I apologise to the people, to the state and federal Barisan Nasional leaders and I ask for their patience over the turmoil plaguing the party and we hope they will bear with us while we seek a solution”. Asked whether the BN leadership had been briefed with regards to the party’s decision to sack Entri, he said that it was something confidential. To another question whether the sacking would cause Entri his position as an assistant minister, Mawan said it was the prerogative of the Chief Minister. In the interest of Barisan Nasional and the upcoming general election, he considered “this sad episode closed and the party needs to move on” and that the party’s immediate agenda was towards a focused and united effort to ensure BN victory in the coming general election.

On the other four members of the group, Mawan said the party did issue them showcause letters but that the party was still willing to accommodate them to solve the problem together .
“We never burn the bridges, they burnt the bridges and we also have to consider, we try to lessen the effect as far as possible, with regards to BN and the coming parliamentary election. But the fact is that we must take action in order to maintain the fact that our constitution is still there, mechanism is still there, system and rules and regulations are there that nobody can trample on. Because if we don’t, it might as well that we do not exist,” he said. He said while having to take action the party must also make sure that they struck a balance by taking fair minimum action for what has been committed and trying to accommodate them. “We are still there, we still can compromise we still can accommodate,” said Mawan. Asked why the party only sacked Entri and spared the other four RENTAP members, Mawan replied: “Unless very necessary, we do not sack people. Now is necessary to sack one”. “At the moment, I would rather call for cease fire after this and if there was any need, probably after general election,” he said when asked whether similar action would also be taken against the other members of the group. Meanwhile, Entri could not be reached for comment and it was said that he was at his constituency for a routine visit.

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